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Data-driven processes

We go beyond the obvious to explore every corner of your digital presence. We collect and analyze data carefully to reveal what works, what can be improved, and where the biggest opportunities lie.

  • Accurate analysis
  • Planning and strategy
  • Implementation
  • Measurable successes

Our process

Our process


Thorough analysis

At Pigment, our Analysis service starts with a detailed and thorough examination of your business, your goals, and your current market position. We take the time to truly understand your needs and challenges, which provides us with a solid foundation to create a tailored analysis strategy for you.


Planning and implementation

With a complete understanding of your business and its unique needs, we develop a well-thought-out and efficient plan to carry out the analysis. Our team of diverse experts works closely together with you to ensure that each step of the process is carried out effectively. As well as ensuring that all insights and data collected are relevant and valuable to you.


Measurable successes

After implementation, we present the insights and results we have gathered. We help you understand the data and how it can be used to make informed decisions and improve your business. With these measurable successes, you can see concrete results and create a clear path forward for your operations.

Analysis for all needs

Regardless of your needs in marketing, conversion, or SEO, our analysis offers customized insights and recommendations to take your digital presence to the next level.

Conversion analysis

Our conversion analysis focuses on optimizing your website and digital presence to increase conversions. We analyze user behavior, page layout, forms, and checkout process to identify bottlenecks and improvement opportunities. Through A/B testing and optimization of landing pages, we strive to increase your conversion rate and maximize your return on investment.
  • User behavior
  • Sidlayout
  • Form and Checkout Process
  • Landing page analysis
  • Mobile adaptation
  • Loading time and performance
  • Exit intent strategies

Market analysis

Our marketing analysis is tailored to provide you with insights into your target audience's behaviors, preferences, and demographics. We review your current marketing strategy and provide recommendations to improve your content, channel selection, and targeting. By analyzing your competitors and identifying unique opportunities, we can create a strategy that increases your brand exposure and engagement.
  • Target audience
  • Competition
  • Channel selection
  • Content
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Growth strategy


Our SEO analysis is designed to improve your visibility on search engines and increase organic traffic. We perform keyword analysis to select optimal search terms, review your website structure and content to ensure high rankings on relevant searches. Technical SEO and link profile analysis are included to ensure your website is technically sound and has a high-quality link profile.
  • Keywords
  • Website structure
  • Content
  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Link profile analysis
  • Competitive analysis

What we promise

By using our service Analysis, you as a customer benefit from tailored insights and strategies to optimize your digital presence. You gain a better understanding of the audience’s behavior, competitors’ strategies, and areas for improvement in marketing, conversion, and SEO. This allows you to make data-driven decisions, increase conversions, improve brand exposure, and ranking on search engines – a path towards a more successful digital presence!


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