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Our promise

At Pigment Webbyrå, we highly value our relationships with clients and understand that success is built on trust and good communication. Therefore, we have established a few promises that you can always rely on when collaborating with us.

  • Responsiveness
  • Transparency
  • Order and tidiness.
  • SEO optimization
  • Security
  • Google Page Speed


We recognize the significance of listening and adjusting to your requirements and preferences. You will consistently encounter a committed and attentive team that prioritizes your needs. We invest time in comprehending your objectives and customizing solutions that are specifically appropriate for you.


A successful project is based on openness. We ensure that you stay informed about the project's progress, any difficulties encountered, and the solutions devised. You will always have access to clear and transparent information throughout the entire process.

Order and tidiness

Structure and order are crucial for providing top-notch services within the specified timeframe. We assure you that our processes and procedures are always well-organized, guaranteeing a smooth execution of tasks as per the plan.

SEO Optimization

Digital investments should not only look good but also perform well in search engines. We promise to always include SEO-optimized methods in our solutions, from web development to content production.


Your information and digital assets are secure with us. We adhere to the highest standards of IT security and data protection, ensuring that your website is safeguarded and shielded from any potential threats.

Google Page Speed

Speed and performance are crucial elements for a thriving website. We commit to consistently enhancing your web pages for Google Page Speed, enhancing both user experience and SEO. We assure that your website will achieve a minimum score of 80/100 on mobile devices and 90/100 on desktops.

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