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Looking for a personal web agency in Norrköping with extensive experience in websites and WordPress? Do you think it’s important to have an agency partner who can easily swing by for a meeting? Then Pigment web agency is for you!

Insightful analyses

Through insightful analysis, we identify opportunities and optimization paths that we can explore together to strengthen and increase your digital business. Whatever your marketing, conversion or SEO needs, our analysis offers tailored insights and recommendations to take your digital presence to the next level.

Build strong brands

We transform ideas into strong brands that touch and inspire your target group digitally. Build strong brands with our expertise in branding and create a unique user experience with our UX & UI experts. We transform complexity into simplicity and bring your digital vision to life.

Web Development

Backed by the latest technology and expertise, we create a robust platform that delivers a seamless experience. From the first line of code to the shiny end product, we embrace every step of the web development journey. Deepen your presence with a site that is tailored, fast and secure. Explore the full potential of the digital world with us by your side.

We see the big picture

From keyword analysis to technical optimization, we cover every aspect of SEO to ensure your dominance in the search results. With an overall strategy for your social media, we ensure that your target groups find you, choose you and stay with you. In a world where everything revolves around visibility, let us be your SEO guide and help you turn visitors into customers.

Engaging content

With our Content service, we create engaging content that puts your brand at the center. Optimized, strategic and analyzed – we make sure your story reaches the right audience. Let us turn your visions into reality.

We take care of everything

We won’t leave you when your site is live. We take care of everything – from regular updates to security. Our dedicated management team makes sure everything continues to run smoothly, every day, every week!

Your local web agency in Norrköping

Pigment web agency specializes in professional web development with WordPress and Laravel for companies and organizations. We have been in the industry for over 15 years and thus followed the entire development that has taken place for websites over the years. During this time, we have built hundreds of customized and user-friendly websites.

Our process as a web agency with a local presence in Norrköping is to create a perfect and optimized end product just for you. Each project we embark on is different and it doesn’t matter if it’s drone footage or an advanced subscription system that you want to include in the process. We have our foundation in web development in WordPress, but tailor our solutions for customers who require that little bit extra.

Today, a website needs to be so much more than just a shop window for your business. At Pigment, we familiarize ourselves with your business and your goals with the website. Together we analyze this and create a strategy to grow your digital business through a new website. We do this by not only building a user-friendly and converting website, we also help increase traffic to it. Through a thorough strategy around search engine optimization, we can increase your visibility in the search engines to appear when potential customers search for your products or services.

Our promise

In a digital age, we promise to put you at the center and strengthen the possibilities for you digitally. We understand that it is not enough to have a modern design or nice pictures. Every line of code, every design element, every function needs to create value. With our expertise in web development, we guarantee a website that not only impresses, but also performs. Together, we create a digital presence that ensures that you are seen in the right way, at the right time to the right type of target group.
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