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Where innovation meets expertise

Buzzcloud are experts in the architecture and design of innovative cloud services. Key points for Buzzcloud include security, scalability, and automation. Through these, they build reactive and proactive cloud solutions that provide value for their customers around the clock.


Passionate about solving complex problems

Buzzcloud are passionate about solving complex problems and driving digital transformation. They possess unique expertise and can offer a combination of consulting, design, architecture, implementation, and development. Together with their customers, they develop innovative cloud solutions to maximize business value.

Leading in AWS

With a team of certified specialists, Buzzcloud is fully dedicated to AWS (Amazon Web Services). It was important for Buzzcloud to highlight all their AWS services on their website.
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The website is optimized for a responsive design, with mobile devices as the primary consideration. Pigment always ensures that visitors have an optimal user experience whether they are viewing the website on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Exciting colors

Buzzcloud's graphic profile consists of exciting and playful colors, which are reflected on the website.

Easy to contact

For Buzzcloud, it was important that visitors could easily contact them, which is why there is a simple and intuitive contact form on every page of the website.

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