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Softly Ice Cream Dubai

Best frozen treats in Dubai

Softly offers a wide range of soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, milkshakes, and bubble shakes in Dubai. Their ice cream is simply top-notch and in 2019 the ice cream producer won the prestigious title of “World’s Best Vanilla Ice Cream.” Enjoy Softly’s ice cream in its simplest form or with a variety of sprinkles, sauces, and toppings.


Welcome to a world of frozen treats and toppings

Step into a world of frozen treats where Soflty wants to make you happy! Whether you prefer classic flavors or exciting new fusions, Softly can satisfy your cravings and cool you down on a hot, sunny day in Dubai.

Freeze the moment

Large selection of ice creams

Softly offers a wide range of frozen treats from classic soft serve ice cream to exciting ice cream cones dipped in chocolate and sprinkles in various colors. They also have milkshakes with ice cream and bubble tea with ice cream. At Softly you will find everything you can imagine in the world of ice cream!

Playful colors

Softly’s graphic profile features vibrant colors that represent the playfulness of ice cream.

Loyalty program

It was important for Softly to highlight their Loyalty Program; a digital reward program where customers can collect stamps and redeem the stamps for a new ice cream. On the website, there is a QR code and instructions for easily downloading their digital program.

More than 40 different toppings

Softly offers over 40 different toppings; choose from mini meringues, chocolate, caramel, tutti-frutti, peppermint, and a variety of fruit sprinkles! It was important for the customer to showcase the wide range of toppings on the website.

Stores in Dubai

At the moment there are two stores in Dubai; one in Damac Mall and one in Silicon Central Mall, both linked with addresses and reviews on the website.

Mobile first

The website is optimized for a responsive design with mobile-first in mind. Pigment always ensures that the visitor gets an optimal user experience whether the website is viewed on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

World class frozen treats


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