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ABBA The Museum

Unique digital experience for ABBA The Museum

When it came to giving ABBA The Museum a digital stage, it was important for us at Pigment Web Agency to create a web experience as iconic as the band itself. By combining modern UI/UX design with skilled frontend development, we have created a tailor-made website in WordPress that not only reflects the museum’s rich history and heritage, but also offers visitors an intuitive and engaging experience. Dive in and see how we transformed their digital vision into reality.


A digital tribute to ABBA

Glimpse by glimpse, tone by tone, we at Pigment Web Agency have created a digital bridge to ABBA The Museum, reflecting its cultural significance and historical value.

When ABBA The Museum sought a digital partner to develop their new website, they turned to us, and we were honored to be part of the journey. With a mission that included UI/UX design and frontend development, we set out to design a tailored solution built in WordPress. The goal? To reflect the magic and nostalgia that the museum carries, while providing a seamless and interactive experience for the modern user. Explore the site and experience for yourself how we brought the history and essence of ABBA to life in a digital format.

Digital meeting with history

Mobile perfection

When it comes to iconic brands like Abba The Museum, their digital presence should be as good as their physical exhibitions. Here you can see how we have customized a mobile-friendly design that ensures fans from all over the world can visit ABBA's magical world with just a few clicks. With our expertise in frontend development, we bring music history closer to visitors.

Skill in every function

Dive into the intricate details of ABBA The Museum's website. From a smooth ticket booking to a clear FAQ section and a user-friendly mobile menu; every graphic element is tailored to simplify the customer journey. With a blend of UI/UX design expertise and frontend development, we have created a combination of functionality and aesthetics on a sturdy WordPress platform.

Glimpses from Abba The Museum

Here you can see six moments from Abba The Museum, which we proudly integrated on the website. From live exhibitions to visitors.

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