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Sweden's leading economic magazine since 1901

When Affärsvärlden, one of the country’s most prominent news sources, needed a web solution that matched their prestigious reputation, they chose Pigment Webbyrå as their digital partner. Our mission was extensive: everything from UX & UI design, frontend and backend development to an advanced subscription system, integrations, and optimized SEO. The result? A tailored website built in WordPress, complete with a customized database structure.


Where tradition meets technology.

For Affärsvärlden, a pillar in Swedish business journalism, we at Pigment Web Agency have designed a digital platform that seamlessly combines tradition with modern technology.

This ambitious project included everything from UX & UI design to frontend and backend development. With a deep understanding of Affärsvärlden’s needs, we created a custom subscription system, efficient integrations, and an SEO-optimized structure. All built in WordPress, but with a unique touch. We understood the importance of preserving Affärsvärlden’s heritage while incorporating the latest in web technology. The result is a website that not only reflects a high-caliber magazine but also offers visitors a seamless, engaging experience.

Hand-built subscription system

When it comes to digital experiences, we know how important it is to have a seamless login. For Affärsvärlden subscribers, we have built a subscription system that is not only intuitive but also integrated to communicate seamlessly with existing business systems. Every aspect is designed with the user in mind.

Elegant checkout

Through meticulous UI/UX design and skilled frontend development, we have created an intuitive and visually appealing checkout process. Every graphic detail is customized and built in WordPress to offer your visitors a seamless guidance through their subscription choices. With a focus on user-friendliness, we have created an experience that converts.

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