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Digital starting line for Midnattsloppet

When it was time for Midnattsloppet to take the step into the digital running track, we at Pigment Web Agency were ready to run by their side. We have tailor-made a dynamic web solution in WordPress, optimized with intuitive UX & UI design and smooth frontend development. To provide all participants, no matter where they are in the world, with a frictionless experience, we have implemented multilingual options and direct linking for easy booking of races. Whether your ambition is to sprint or jog in the digital world, we are ready to help you cross the finish line with style.


When Midnattsloppet got a digital shine

Presenting an event like Midnattsloppet online requires a solution that combines aesthetics with functionality. Feel free to visit Midnattsloppet’s website and see the result of our collaboration: a customized WordPress website designed to get your pulse racing. With in-depth UX & UI design, we have created a user-friendly experience that leads visitors straight to the starting line. Thanks to frontend development, the page flows smoothly on all devices, while the integrated multilingual option ensures that no runner is left behind. And when it’s time for you to step into the race? A simple link to the booking system makes registration a breeze.

Interactive trail maps

When you navigate through the Midnight Run website, you will soon come across one of the interactive race maps. These graphical elements not only visualize the race route but also provide a deeper understanding of what participants can expect. Whether you are an experienced runner or a beginner, these maps offer a clear picture of your upcoming adventure.

Memories in motion

Immerse yourself in the colorful history of the Midnight Race with our dynamic image slider. This feature allows you to easily browse through highlights and memorable moments from past races. Let yourself be swept away by the feeling and energy of the races throughout the years!

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