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Backstage Hotel

Digital scene for Backstage Hotel

When looking for a unique web solution that reflects the soul of your unique business, take a look at the work we did for Backstage Hotel on Djurgården. Here, we combined custom design with advanced frontend development to create a digital stage where visitors can step into the artistic world behind the scenes. With the help of WordPress, we managed to weave together cultural charm, creativity, and technical precision to give Backstage Hotel a website worthy of their innovative concept.


A glimpse into intimate secrets.

We transformed the hotel’s vision of a “behind-the-scenes theater stay” into a vibrant digital experience in collaboration with Seth&Östen. Every detail, from the custom design to the frontend development, was created with the goal of capturing this feeling. With WordPress as the CMS, we have created a simple framework for updating and successfully highlighting the hotel’s characteristic aesthetics and atmosphere.

Become a star for a night

Responsive design for Backstage

A digital experience should be as well-thought-out as the physical one. Here you can see the responsiveness of Backstage Hotels' website on mobile devices, ensuring that every visitor gets a seamless and elegant experience, regardless of screen size. With our expertise in frontend development, we have made sure that all guests are just one click away from making a booking.

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