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Dinner with culture

At the heart of Djurgården, where art and cuisine come together, lies the Konsthallen Restaurant. With a passion for flavorful meals and art, Konsthallen is not just a restaurant, but an experience. For us at Pigment Webbyrå, the task was clear – to portray this combination of history and contemporary culture on the web. With custom frontend development in WordPress, we have highlighted Konsthallen’s unique character and offerings.


Food and website that stands out.

When the Restaurant Konsthallen, a cultural icon in Djurgården, wanted to renew its digital presence, they entrusted us at Pigment Web Agency with the task. We developed a custom WordPress solution, with a strong focus on frontend development, that perfectly reflects the essence and tradition of Konsthallen. With every pixel and every line of code, we have strived to convey the unique atmosphere and culinary quality that Restaurant Konsthallen stands for.

Art in Focus

When designing the website for Restaurant Konsthallen, we wanted to not only highlight the culinary experience but also the rich art that adorns their walls. In the picture, you can see one of the many artworks regularly exhibited at Konsthallen.


What you see in the picture is the distinct graphics now adorning the Art Hall's website, a fusion of modern design and historical charm. Just like with the Art Hall's graphics, we strive to capture the unique character of the organization and transform it into a digital experience that engages and impresses.

Unique designing

When you browse through the Restaurant Konsthallen's website, you will notice the unique menu structure. In the picture, you can see how the menu is presented on a laptop. This menu is located in the footer and summarizes the whole project quite well - Konsthallen is unique in every way.

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