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Cloud Master

When Co-Native, a pioneer in collaboration between cloud-based companies, approached us, we knew that this would be a project beyond the ordinary. With a vision of uniting giant cloud services under one umbrella – while retaining their unique identity – Co-Natives’ ambition was clear. Our task? To create a digital presence as innovative as their philosophy. Through our expertise in branding, UX/UI design, and frontend development, we have designed a customized website that not only represents Co-Natives’ core values but also stands out in the digital cloud environment.


A new cloud-based ecosystem

When we at Pigment Web Agency had the honor to collaborate with Co-Native, a leading star in cloud-based collaboration, we knew that this would be something special. The image you see here represents our joint work: A customized, WordPress-based website that reflects Co-Native’s unique positioning in the world of cloud services.

Our mission ranged from logo and color palette to intuitive UX/UI design and advanced frontend development. The goal? To provide Co-Native with a digital platform where they can present their vision and partnerships in the best possible way. Let us inspire you with how we can transform your ambitions into real digital magic.


The keywords for the branding have been "Co-creation", "Mastery", and "Kindness". That means playing with warmth, playfulness, and exciting colors. Less corporate and more trendy kindness. The overall impression of Co-native should therefore be warm colors, playfulness, and exciting colors. Such as sand, peach, and other neutral colors.

Color palette

Warm, neutral colours like sand and peach. With vibrant contrasting colours like purple and green to add interest and draw the eye to important details and CTAs.


The font also contributes to creating contrast and high readability. As the icing on the cake, their soft impression can be further enhanced with gradients.

Clarify benefits

We at Pigment Web Agency believe that clarity and simplicity lead to understanding. Here you can see how we visualized Co-Natives' offering in an easily accessible way.

Optimized mobile view for Co-native

Here you can see how we adapted Co-native's website for mobile devices. From the inviting start page to a detailed bottom page.

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