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Färdiga Maten

Transform gastronomy into digital magic

When Färdiga Maten wanted to enter the digital world with their business idea of home delivery of chef-prepared food, they chose to collaborate with us at Pigment Web Agency. Together, we created an intuitive and user-friendly platform, where each customer can customize their dining experience and manage their deliveries with ease. With a balance of branding, UX/UI design, and system integration, we created the tools that both customers and Färdiga Maten need. Let us tell you about the journey from idea to a customized WordPress solution.


Future food delivery digitized

When you think of chef-prepared food delivered directly to your home, what do you imagine? For Färdiga Maten, it meant a tailored digital experience, both for their customers and their staff. At Pigment Webbyrå, we took on this challenge and transformed Färdiga Maten’s vision into a functional digital reality. The image you see represents our journey together: from unique branding to interactive UX/UI design, and from advanced frontend and backend development to a smart app that simplifies the daily tasks of the staff. Be inspired by how we can transform your ideas into digital masterpieces, just as we did for Färdiga Maten.

Passion in every right

Smart subscriptions system

You can choose how many meals you want per week and how often you want deliveries. These subscriptions give you the flexibility to customize the service according to your needs.

Order food from the bus

Bearing in mind that the majority of ready-made food visitors come to the website via mobile, we have spent extra time creating an easy journey for those who want to order food for the first time, but also for existing customers who under My pages can manage their menus and premium.

Fresh and simple - all the way

After you have completed your order, Färdiga Maten will schedule the delivery according to the choices you have made. Your food will be delivered to you, and then all you have to do is heat it up and enjoy delicious and healthy food.

Tasteful option

Make every mealtime tasteful with carefully crafted dishes. Each meal reflects the quality and expertise that Ready-made food offers.

Your account, your Value.

With intuitive interfaces and seamless features, we have designed "My Account" to allow visitors to easily manage their subscription.


Here you see the foundation of Färdiga Matens visual identity. With carefully selected typefaces, a distinct logo and a harmonized color palette, we have created an identity that reflects both the quality and passion behind every dish.

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