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Bauer Media

Aesthetic website for Bauer Media Audio Sweden.

Åt Bauer Media, en marknadsledande aktör med över 61 miljoner lyssnare varje vecka, har vi levererat en skräddarsydd WordPress-hemsida där vårt bidrag omfattar allt från UI/UX design och frontend till projektledning. Med en fokuserad och användarvänlig design har vi underlättat för Bauer Media att nå ut till sin omfattande publik ännu mer effektivt. Låt oss ta er digitala närvaro till nästa nivå.


Custom website in WordPress

The image highlights the unique and modern design we have created for Bauer Media. Our work ranges from UI/UX design to frontend development, all woven together in a tailored WordPress solution. With a strong emphasis on design, we have delivered a website that effectively reflects Bauer Media’s brand and reach. Is it time to upgrade your website and make it as efficient as it is visually impressive? We can help you achieve just that.

Bauer Media reaches 61 million listeners per week.

Bauer Media's reach

A small selection of the various radio channels that Bauer Media produces content for.

Mobile responsive design

Here you can see two mobile views from Bauer Media's website, one on the homepage and one on a subpage filled with articles and tips about podcasts and audio production. Are you looking for a similar solution for your web presence? We are ready to help you.

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