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Ability Partner

Dynamic course and conference portal

Pigment Web Agency is proud to present a custom website for Ability Partner, experts in high-quality events for professionals in all sectors. Through careful branding and innovative UI/UX design, we have transformed their digital presence into an intuitive and user-friendly platform. With advanced frontend and backend development, as well as seamless API integration with Netsuite, we ensure that course and conference information flows seamlessly. Our solution in WordPress strengthens Ability Partner’s ability to reach their target audiences and facilitates their operations in an increasingly digital world.


Netsuite och WordPress integration

Visual innovation and functional design come together in Ability Partners’ new website. In this project, Pigment Web Agency has been responsible for developing a web platform that not only reflects Ability Partners’ expertise in courses and conferences but also simplifies interaction for users. Here you can see the result: a unique and modern web experience, designed with a focus on the visitor’s needs. From the initial branding work to the final UI/UX design, from powerful frontend development to robust backend structure, we have ensured that every aspect of the website is optimized for user-friendliness and efficiency. By integrating the website with Netsuite, we can dynamically retrieve and manage information for all your courses and conferences, ensuring a seamless booking process.

Course offerings in real time

The image displays a selection of courses and conferences offered by Ability Partner, all accessible through our API integration with Netsuite. Pigment Web Agency has implemented a seamless data flow, which synchronizes available events in real-time.

Expertise in Focus

Pigment Webbyrå has designed a dynamic speaker section that retrieves all data from Netsuite via API. This makes it easy for visitors to explore different speakers and very easy for Ability Partner to organize their courses and conferences.

Course details directly from Netsuite

We built a smooth and detailed course overview with data retrieved through our custom API integration with Netsuite. This image illustrates how we at Pigment Web Agency enable an updated and accurate representation of course content and schedules while assisting the visitor with an easy overview.

Ability Partners visual identity

This image represents the core of the visual identity that Pigment Web Agency has created for Ability Partner. From a sharp and thought-provoking logo to the icons that carry functionality and form in every detail, to a color scheme that communicates clarity and professionalism. Each graphic element is carefully developed to reflect and enhance unique values and messages in the market.

Ability Partners Mobile Experience.

Here we showcase parts of the mobile version of Ability Partners' website, created to provide an optimal user experience. From the homepage, through the intuitive menu, to the detailed course page, every step is designed for smoothness and interactivity on small screens. Pigment Web Agency has prioritized responsiveness and usability to ensure visitors have a seamless digital experience, no matter where they are.

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