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Sörmland Vatten

The creation of Sörmland Vatten digital presence.

In close collaboration with Sörmlands Vatten, Pigment Web Agency has successfully delivered a customized website that serves the residents of the Flens, Katrineholms, and Vingåkers municipalities. Our mission included everything from UI/UX design to full frontend and backend development, as well as project management. We are proud to present a platform built in WordPress, which reinforces Sörmlands Vatten’s vision of service and environmental consideration.


Modern web solution

Pigment Web Agency has created a unique and modern website that not only reflects Sörmlands Vatten’s strong commitment to service and the environment, but also enhances interaction with the municipality’s residents. Please visit the website to see how your communication can be transformed with Pigment Web Agency’s expertise.

Effective Operations Information

This image series shows the functionality for operational information that Pigment web agency has developed for Sörmland Vatten. Residents can easily navigate through the menu, access important information, and submit error reports through intuitive forms.

Searchable schedule for garbage collection

Here you can see a customized search function for waste collection schedules where visitors of Sörmland Vatten can easily enter their address to directly retrieve the personal waste collection schedule for their address.

Interactive project overview

Pigment web agency has created a clear map and a detailed project list that allows visitors to discover and follow municipal projects near them.

Optimized mobile navigation

With a clear and accessible homepage and a smooth dropdown menu, we demonstrate our ability to create responsive and user-friendly web solutions. Pigment Web Agency always ensures that your website is equally functional and aesthetic on all devices.

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