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Digital transformation for RFSU

When it came to RFSU’s vision of a modern and accessible digital presence, Pigment Web Agency was proud to be their chosen partner. The assignment included UX & UI design, frontend development, and integration of multilingual options. This was to ensure that every visitor, regardless of background, could access RFSU’s important messages and resources in the best possible way. Dive in and discover how we transformed RFSU’s digital landscape to make it more engaging, responsive, and inclusive for all visitors.


A digital step forward for RFSU.

In this mission, we aimed to deliver not only outstanding UX & UI design, but also advanced frontend development, an intuitive product catalog, and seamless support for multiple languages. Built on the WordPress platform, we have created a website that is tailored to RFSU’s unique needs and ready to welcome a global audience.

Ovulation Calendar

Pigment Web Agency built an Ovulation Calendar and integrated it onto RFSU's website. With a calendar and menstrual cycle, one can get their own personalized ovulation calendar presented and thus find out when they are most likely to conceive.
Try the Ovulation Calendar

A collective image of security.

Here we present three product areas from RFSU's range within health and well-being. All surplus from RFSU's sales goes back to the association RFSU, whose work is focused on sexual and human rights.

Inspiration knowledge

An important part of our work was to highlight RFSU's commitment to sexual health education and invite further reading. In the section Inspiration & Knowledge, you will find a lot of useful information for everyone.

Intuitive menu design

Navigera enkelt genom RFSU:s digitala värld med vår skräddarsydda och utfällbara meny. Med starkt fokus på UI / UX-design har vi hos Pigment Webbyrå skapat en användarvänlig och estetisk frontend som effektivt leder er besökare till rätt destination.

Product catalog in focus

Dive into RFSU's versatile range through the customized product catalog we have designed. With a combination of a well-structured product database, UI/UX design, and frontend development, we at Pigment Webbyrå have created an experience that effectively showcases RFSU's products and simplifies navigation for visitors.

User-friendly design

This trio from the RFSU website demonstrates how we adapt websites for maximum user-friendliness and stylish presentation. Let your visitors have a smooth browsing experience on every device, with clear navigation and accessible content.

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