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Bio Fågel Blå

Bio Fågel Blå - A classic in new clothes

Since its opening in 1926, Bio Fågel Blå has gone from being a popular cinema to becoming a theater school and then closing down at the end of the 90s. Now the cinema has been restored, given new life and new clothes. In connection with this, Pigment received a request to develop their new website. The website offers functionality such as ticket booking via an integration to the My Cloud Cinema ticket booking system and has a clear 20s feel in its expression.


A cinema of its kind

At Bio Fågel Blå, whoever decides to visit can not only watch classic reels or the latest blockbusters. You can also get a bite to eat or a luxurious drink in their Bar & Bistro. In order to bring out the authentic feeling of the cinema, we have put a lot of emphasis on coming up with a suitable UX/UI design. Partly to create a nice user journey for the visitor, but also to reflect the feeling of the 1920s, luxury and culture that sits in the walls of the room.

Book tickets with one click

Through an integration with the My Cloud Cinema ticket booking system, the website has been given an easy-to-navigate booking flow. Choose your movie, places and time and have your tickets in a snap!

Sober 1920s

At Bio Fågel Blå, culture and spirit are in the walls. In order to successfully reflect the feeling on the web, great emphasis has been placed on tonality and expression. A sober color scheme has been developed together with typefaces that have clear elements of the characteristic expression of the 1920s.

Book your tickets from your mobile

The website is optimized for a responsive design in mind, as many of the cinema's visitors visit and book tickets from their mobile phones. We always ensure that the visitor gets an optimal user experience, regardless of whether the website is displayed on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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