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Svenska Båtunionen

Svenska Båtunionen - an ideal organization and gathering place for all of Sweden's boat clubs and associations

When Svenska Båtunionen contacted us at Pigment Webbyrå with their request, we gladly accepted. They needed a new website with a range of exciting features. Among other things, an API integration to the BAS login portal where all boat clubs connected to BAS are shown in an interactive map, a unique and easy-to-navigate UX/UI design that works both for the boat union and for the connected associations and clubs that want the same clothes. Great focus has been placed on creating good navigation on the website, especially for future boating associations and boating clubs that want to join the Svenska Båtunionen.


Ongoing project with new websites for the new boat association and club that joins

The boating associations and clubs that join the Svenska Båtunionen have the opportunity to adapt their website to the Boating Union’s profile. Together with the Boating Union, we developed a predefined template for these websites that meets the needs of the boating associations and clubs. The template is based on the Svenska Båtunionens’s profile and personalized with the boat club’s own logo.

Many opportunities for members

Via Svenska Båtunionen, members can administer their membership, get support, apply for financial support and manage insurance. Prospective members simply apply for membership here.

Close to a million leisure boats in Sweden

Since 1928, the Svenska Båtunionen has been operating. And today they organize roughly 900 of the estimated 1,000 boat clubs in the country.

Act safely at sea

Svenska Unionen offers its members important information for safe boating. Themes such as the environment, training and safety are consistent on the website. The visitor can take part in the information via, among other things, webinars and detailed information.

Responsive design

The website is optimized for a responsive design with mobile first in mind, as many of the Svenska Unionen's visitors access the website from mobile. Pigment always ensures that the visitor gets an optimal user experience regardless of whether the website is viewed on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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