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At Braive, AI is combined with professional expertise.

Braive is an AI-driven platform that offers treatments for mental health. They provide tailored treatments to provide effective and personalized care. The platform includes user-friendly treatment processes, support for therapists and patients, and an AI-based Co-pilot that supports the treatment. Through collaboration with Braive, we have developed a modern, user-friendly website where UX/UI design has been a focus.


Care with the help of AI

Braive uses AI-driven user support. This means that each user can maximize their efficiency by focusing on what is most relevant. With this methodology, not only are the treatment results improved, but also the ability for each therapist to help more patients.

Individual treatment

With Braive, every patient receives an individual treatment plan that is easily accessed through a personal account. The account has a user-friendly interface and the patient can easily access the information shared by the therapist and track their progress. Now you can undergo your mental health treatment wherever you are!

Braive's platform ensures efficient care

Design that brings warmth and skillfulness

The mission for Braive was to develop a design language and UX/UI design that reflects them. Colors, fonts, icons, illustrations, animations, and images were developed during a creative collaboration with the client, keeping the values of "care", "warmth", "Nordic", and "tech" in mind.

Video for clarity

Braive's platform guides therapists and patients through tailored treatment processes using innovative methods and tools. Pigment was commissioned to create an animated film to illustrate the process.

Get access to Bravie no matter where you are

The website is optimized with a responsive design in mind, as many of Braive's visitors and patients access the website from their mobile phones. Pigment always ensures that the visitor receives an optimal user experience whether the website is viewed on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

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