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Rotating Seals

Rotating Seals are specialists in mechanical sealing solutions

When Rotating Seals wanted to step into the digital world with their business concept of mechanical sealing solutions for manufacturers of rotating equipment in the fluid handling industry, they chose to partner with us at Pigment Webbyrå. Together, we created a user-friendly website that, in its simplicity, reflects the brand and what they stand for. Let us tell you about the journey from idea to a custom WordPress solution.


Expert solutions for specialized industries

With knowledge and experience in its narrow industry, Rotating Seals delivers its solutions to many. Among other things, companies in the food & beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry, industrial applications and the marine industry. In addition to the products, they offer training, repairs, service, technical support and more.

Web design in all its simplicity

Using Rotating Seal's clear color profile and logo, we have created a web design that reflects the brand and its feel.

Responsive design that creates accessibility

Here you can see how we have tailored a mobile-friendly design that ensures that all visitors can take part in Rotating Seal's expertise with just a few clicks.

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