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Riabacke & Co

Riabacke & Co has a unique ability to amuse, touch and educate in the same breath

Riabacke & Co is a leading consultancy in leadership, management support and mentoring in Stockholm, and we are proud to be your digital partner.

Riabacke & Co contacted Pigment Webbyrå when it was time for a new, easy-to-administer website that better reflected the company’s character. Assignments included UI/UX design, frontend development and a website built in WordPress.


A website with a unique and empowering design

Riabacke & Co is a company that conveys inspiration and strength. The Riabacke couple offers developing lectures and workshops in management and communication, managerial support and mentoring. They receive standing ovations and top marks from their customers. The task of building an easy-to-administer website, which reflects their strength and weight, was an inspiring project with a feeling of strength that is contagious.

Podcasts, books, lectures and workshops

On the website, you can listen to Riabacke's successful podcast, "Beslutspodden - About life, business and the rest", on iTunes or Spotify. You can explore their books and get lectures and workshops tailored to your exact needs.

A graphic manner with strength

The core of Riabacke & Co is power and character. With the help of their strong color profile and clear character, we have developed a web design that reflects the brand and what they stand for.

Responsive design that creates accessibility

Here you can see how we have tailored a mobile-friendly design that ensures that all visitors can take part in Riabacke's expertise with just a few clicks.

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