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Unga Innovatörer

Digitization of Unga Innovatörers services and materials

Our mission for Unga Innovatörer was to digitize their services and materials through a new platform. We have built a teacher portal behind login and put a lot of focus on creating an easy-to-navigate user journey. Based on their graphic profile, we have developed a modernized design and we have built integration against Apsis api.

Our role in the project included UI/UX design and frontend development as well as project management.


Unga Innovatörers new website - for innovation in school

Unga Innovatörer,an independent and non-profit school operator with 40 years of experience working with innovation in schools. The ongoing digitization, climate change and technological progress are transforming society and working life at a rapid pace. This entails new demands on citizens and the workforce. The school has a central role in preparing young people for the future. The need for a new WordPress website was great to be able to follow the pace of society.

Knowledge bank and learning portal as aids

We have built a teacher portal with condition-controlled content, where we show different content for upper secondary school and the autumn stage when you are logged in. There, teachers can easily share challenges and exercises to their students in Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams.

Optimized mobile view for Unga Innovatörer

Here you can see how we adapted Unga Innovatörer's website for mobile devices. From the detailed start page to an informative subpage.

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