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Origo Group

Origo Group - a leading insight and investigative companies that find out everything

When Origo Group contacted Pigment Webbyrå, they needed to upgrade their website. With the logo and color profile in hand, we were tasked with developing a new UX/UI design. A creative and fun journey that resulted in a website with many nice functions and animations.


A website for insights and decision-making

Origo Group, a leading insight and research company, aims to simplify complex decisions and provide decision makers with insights. The website we built highlights the breadth of Origo Group’s various research areas and services. Among other things, news, cases, webinars and downloadable guides. Together with Origo Group, we have created a place where the visitor can explore their services and discover how technology and decisions can take a business to the next level.

A mix of bank clerk and hipster

Origo Group wanted to create a sense of playfulness and seriousness, "a mix of bank clerk meets hipster" in their own words. The design process resulted in exciting details, functions and animations on the website, which both parties are very satisfied with.

Everything to increase knowledge

Origo Group offers its visitors a broad knowledge bank in the form of webinars, tips, news, cases and downloadable guides. We have focused on highlighting these in combination with the services they offer, as this is the core of the company.

Playfulness in color and shape

Origo Group has an established color profile that their customers recognize. Using this playful color profile and logo, we have created a web design that reflects the brand and what they stand for.

Fonts that create contrast

In contrast to the colorful color scheme, we have chosen two tighter fonts. Poppins, which is the title font is strong and kind. And Roboto, which has high readability, helps tighten the playfulness of the website. Together with the colors and shapes, balance is created.

Responsive design

The website is optimized for a responsive design with mobile first in mind, as many of Origo Group's customers visit the website from mobile. Pigment always ensures that the visitor gets an optimal user experience regardless of whether the website is viewed on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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