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Mansjouren has the ability to reach out to those who need it most

Welcome to Mansjouren’s new digital home, created with love and commitment. Mansjouren is a non-profit association dedicated to offering conversational support to men on a national level.

When they needed a renewed website to reach out to their users, we at Pigment were trusted to become their digital partner. Our assignment included UI/UX design, frontend development and project management of a new website built in WordPress. The focus has been on highlighting the website’s purpose – to be a place for men seeking support.


A digital partner for support

The main purpose of Mansjouren’s website is to inform about the options for the support that Mansjouren offers. Here you will find an overview of their telephone helpline services, discussion groups that meet physically and digitally, and other resources that may be helpful. The men’s shelter is convinced that everyone has the solution to their problems within them – it’s just hard to find it sometimes.

Different forums for different needs

Via the website, the visitors find various support forums offered. Information such as dates, times and the type of forum is clearly stated. It is also possible for Mansjouren to share internal material with its board and volunteers via a personal account.

Everyone has the solution to their problems within them.

It doesn't matter where you are

As many of Mansjouren's visitors reach them via mobile phone, we have put extra time into creating a simple user journey in these views. It is quick and easy to find the emergency number or call group you are looking for.

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