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Svarta Lådan

Healthy food delivery in digital form with Svarta Lådan

When Svarta Lådan wanted to take their business idea of ​​home delivery of healthy food to the next step, they chose to collaborate with us at Pigment Webbyrå. Together, we developed a user-friendly platform that both inspires and enables a customized food experience and delivery management. Through a combination of frontend development and system integrations to, among other things, Gordon, we now have an easy-to-navigate and good service for subscribers to enjoy.


Hand-built subscription service and much more

Our assignment included frontend and backend development. A lot of effort has been put into developing a hand-built subscription service and customized integrations with shipping companies and customer support. We have built a separate application for production assistance in order distribution that helps the staff in Svarta Lådan’s kitchen with their daily work. We have also produced forecasts of future production based on sales so that they can plan their purchases of raw materials.

Simple in
everyday life

Skip the planning, action and time in the kitchen - let Svarta Lådan take care of the cooking. New customers easily create their account in the subscription service. Selects the desired lunchbox and starts the subscription. Your dishes are prepared and delivered to your door. Fast, fresh and simple.

Flexibility in My Account

Make sure you always get good and healthy food. With our smart and simple subscription system, you can choose how many meals you want per week and how often you want to receive deliveries. These subscriptions give you the flexibility to customize the service to your needs.

A tasty variety

Treat yourself to every meal loaded with superfoods, energy and deliciousness. Through Svarta Lådan's carefully designed dishes, you not only get high-quality food, but also the entire nutritional circle is catered for.

Return to your favorites

We recently launched a function within Svarta Lådan's subscription service where you can save your favorite dishes as "Your favourites". An easy way to return to your tastiest meals.

Optimized mobile solution for smooth ordering

Since a large part of Svarta Lådan's visitors use mobile devices, we have placed particular focus on creating a smooth experience for both first-time customers and existing customers. By using My Pages, existing customers can easily manage their food boxes and subscriptions.

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