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Updated digital presence for Ericastiftelsen

Ericastiftelsen is a foundation that focuses on supporting children’s mental health in Stockholm. They work with help, support, research and educational work to support children and young people. We at Pigment Webbyrå are proud of our work together to renew and improve their digital presence. We focused on creating a user-friendly WordPress website where all their activities can take place. Among other things, their donation system and integrations with, for example, Salesforce.


With the goal of reducing mental illness in children and young people

Ericastiftelsen is a foundation whose overall goal is to reduce mental illness in children and young people. They work for this by offering treatment, support and education as well as by researching and spreading knowledge about children, young people and mental health. They offer different types of university educations that you can sign up for via the website. In addition, they have a developed donation system for support activities and conduct research in the area.

Give a gift

As Ericastiftelsen relies on donations, we have created various donation opportunities. Among other things, you can send personal greetings, memorial gifts, one-off and corporate donations or recurring donations via direct debit.

Rest assured that your donation will arrive

They are a member of Giva Sweden, Sweden's trade association for fundraising organisations. In connection with the fact that we have integrated a series of secure payment solutions on the website, you can be sure that your donation reaches the children. We work with, among other things, Swedbank Payex for card and swipe payments, Axeneon's donation-specific services in Salesforce and Assently for digital signing via BankID.

Easy for applicants

In addition to its support organization, Ericastiftelsen conducts university and commissioned training as well as research in the field. To facilitate the application process, we built a login portal where prospective students can apply and administer their educations.

Give your gift when it suits you

Considering that a large part of Ericastiftelsen's visitors come to the website via mobile, we have spent a lot of time creating a simple user journey in the responsive views. For example, for those who want to give their first donation gift or for monthly donors who can manage their donation via direct debit.

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