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BOB Våtrumsrenovering

A customized WordPress website with a focus on SEO and conversions for BOB Våtrumsrenovering

BOB Våtrumsrenovering is a bathroom company with a focus on wet room renovations. With quality and safety in focus, since 2014 they have helped many customers get a new and fresh bathroom. At the turn of the year 23/24, BOB Våtrumsrenovering faced the need for a web solution that opened up their conversion goals. After a thorough preliminary analysis, we created a customized WordPress website, including UX & UI design with a focus on conversion in all devices. From the start, a long-term SEO strategy has also been implemented, in order to help BOB continuously strengthen its organic position.


Get your dream bathroom

BOB Våtrumsrenovering is a bathroom company that specializes in bathroom renovations in Stockholm. Key words such as high-quality craftsmanship, safety and accessibility permeate the company.

A unique website with details

BOB Våtrumsrenovering is a company that places great emphasis on details and security. We at Pigment have therefore placed great emphasis on the unique details on the website - everything to convey their value base.

With the goal of increasing conversions

After a thorough SEO analysis, we at Pigment have developed a long-term SEO strategy for BOB Våtrumsrenovering with the goal of increasing their conversions. The strategy includes ongoing work with both technical SEO optimization, customized content as well as results and reporting. All to strengthen BOB’s digital business via the search engines.

Design that does its job

The homepage has received a unique UX & UI design that is optimized to increase conversions. From simple navigation to contact forms, clear services to a stylish design, BOB Våtrumsrenovering has a website that meets their needs on all levels.

The right website leads to increased conversions

A large part of the strategy to improve BOB's website was to improve conversion and reduce the cost per conversion via Google Ads. After a couple of months of work with an optimized website and configurations in the SEM strategy, the numbers have improved significantly.

Optimized for a responsive design

The website is optimized for a responsive design in mind, as many of the visitors reach the website from mobile. Pigment always ensures that the visitor gets an optimal user experience regardless of whether the website is viewed on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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